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    April 13, 2012


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    And to make things worse now you're even having meetings with consultants! :-)


    That's really interesting, thank you, June. As a consultant who used to be a practitioner I think you've put your finger on a lot of the key differences.

    Right now, I think I'm coming to the opinion that having seen both sides I would prefer to be working on the inside, as a practitioner. Biggest difference for me is that from the outside it's (even) harder to get the improvements implemented. I can remember how difficult it was when I was on the inside. But now I'm one step further removed.


    I agree vehemently with this post. It has been immeasurably enriching for me to have had opportunities to do analytics both as a consultant and a practitioner, and as I read your post I found myself nodding in agreement with every point. Thanks for sharing this perspective, it is very valuable..


    Excellent post! I've found exactly the same having gone from a consulting-like role at a vendor to a practitioner role. It's like a list of my challenges!

    Any chance for a post about how you adapt to these changes? Two years in and I freely admit I'm still struggling pretty much daily. Apparently I'm doing okay, but I'd love to know if there are maybe considerations from the practitioner side? Maybe a sister post from someone who's gone the other direction or something?

    Jon Narong

    June, this is a terrific post! I can only speak from personal experience on the practitioner side but completely agree with all of the points you made!

    Sébastien Brodeur

    Great post. Being a employee of a big credit union for the past 9 years, I know all about red tape and corporate (or should I said cooperative?) waters. This is very frustrating sometime. I was always wondering what it would like to be an consultant. I have now a better idea.

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