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    January 07, 2011


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    I like that you have compiled this list for small businesses who often don't have the means to afford expensive solutions.

    If you are looking for a really deep insight into your web analytics data may I suggest Bime, a SaaS tool which connects directly to Google Analytics via the GA API. One cool thing about Bime is that it enables you to analyze all your profiles against each other, so you can see which of your sites are performing well, and most importantly, why.

    In the interest of disclosure, I work in marketing for the SMB that produces Bime, and I now use it on a daily basis to analyze and improve our web analytics. It's become indispensable to my job.

    Ophir Prusak

    Hi June,

    As much as I live Google Website Optimizer (I wrote the techie guide to GWO) I must that that there are newer alternatives which should be considered.

    Visual Website Optimizer and Optimizely are two options that I would recommend be on your short list.


    Thanks, Wearecloud and Ophir! For the benefit of others, here are links to the tools mentioned in the comments:


    Visual Website Optimizer


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