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    May 26, 2010


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    Nice post!
    Just wanted to leave the note that Omniture hierarchies can go much deeper. Clientcare can set the levels for each suite individually. They have a length limit of 255 bytes including delimiter.

    Jason Widup


    Interesting post. Except where you said that Omniture is more flexible :) These types of correlations are helpful, and mostly go both ways when switching between Omniture and Webtrends. I recently posted about a tool we created a while back to make this type of transition easier.

    Thanks again.

    Jason Widup
    Managing Principal
    Webtrends Digital Marketing Optimization

    Meagan Johnson

    Hi June,

    This is an excellent start to a topic which the WA community needs to see more of. I'd love to see a follow-up post that delves deeper into your comparison of implementation in terms of complexity and flexibility.

    I have been everything from a user and administrator to a consultant and implementer of Omniture solutions for several Fortune 100 companies, going on nearly 8 years now. And despite being a WebTrends newbie, I feel comfortable taking the stance that even the most elaborate and sophisticated Omniture implementation is light years away from being as customizable as what I've already done in WebTrends with no more than my own two hands and a few PDFs from the public Webtrends product doc center.

    I'm really interested to hear your take!

    Thanks again for this post. Hope to see more soon.

    - Meagan

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