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    March 31, 2010


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    This is a great list. I've added this to my bookmarks.



    Good post, always dig lists of things. Funny thing is we were doing this, a few of us analytics consultants, just for fun. Creating a list of "wish we knew this then"...

    Always a good thing to collect thoughts and bullet list em' for some perspective. :)

    June Dershewitz

    Thanks for your feedback, Adron! As a blogger I do know the "power of the list." This particular list was commissioned by the WAA, so I can't claim to have come up with the idea on my own. It was fun to write, and it has really resonated with web analysts - both newbies and old-timers.

    Shilo Jones

    Just heard your and Gary's podcast on Beyond Web Analytics about Functionalism and started reading some of your posts. This is a great quick post. In particular, I think #8 is one of the more important lessons, if we all spent more time doing analysis and less time generating reports that are of questionable value in the first place we'd probably help recover from the great recession that much faster. Keep up the good work.

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