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    February 17, 2010


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    Also of very important note, allows you to use your own custom short url.

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    And then there's also StumbleUpon's Also has a great analytics that lets you determine which time of the day is best for you to post based on historical figures.

    Randy Marsh has many times made my tweeds "link cant be found or something like that and it just went to their default page. I use other services and they seem to be fine. I avoid since it did this to like 10 of my tweets until I said totally forget them on my behalf.

    Chris Hewitt

    Nice content; I was unfamiliar with but like the privacy feature on the analytics. It is especially relevant to a topic I just wrote about regarding URL shorteners and a job search.

    I have been doing a lot of hiring lately and found another simple use for social media tools to track interest in a person's candidacy. By simply using URL shorteners and including them on your resume, you can begin tracking your application (much like a marketing campaign).

    You can read the full details in my blog post:

    I used for my writing because of its security efforts to protect users and (as Thattalldude pointed out) you can personalized URLs. However, the privacy feature of is a good point of reference for the candidates may not want to make interest in their resume public.

    June Dershewitz

    Thanks for reading and commenting, everyone. I'm pleased to report that my post was recently featured on Guy Kawasaki's Holy Kaw blog (, so it's gotten a fair amount of attention.

    @Randy I understand your concern about stability of short URL systems. As I was doing research for this post I came across another contender, that I liked - - and I chose not to feature them because I got several errors while testing. I've never had trouble with, but thanks for sharing your experience. With any URL shortener we have to weigh convenience versus risk. Link rot is a very real risk.

    @Chris Thank you for sharing your post - using short URL analytics to track resume interest is a very creative idea! The thing I like best about it is that you can monitor traffic to links that reside anywhere on the internet - your LinkedIn profile, your Twitter page, etc. I will definitely recommend this approach to job-seekers.

    Robin White Owen

    Hi, What did your research tell you about Is anyone still using this service?

    June Dershewitz

    @Robin has existed since 2002 and continues to be actively used. You can see for yourself by going to Twitter and conducting a search, like this:

    I haven't included in my list because it does not offer analytics. That's why it's so important to "think before you shorten" if you really do want stats.


    I use myself - I have heard of but the other -, is new to me. I like shortener because it records in real time, the amount of clicks each link gets, and you can view the graph right away as well.

    AnthonyVader just launched: is the first URL shortener to offer support for category tags. This unique service allows users to group related URLs and easily retrieve old links. To save time, the site will even make tag suggestions based on the URL being shortened.

    It includes all the features you would expect, including full analytics, QR codes, link editing and even runs every click through Google's Safe Browsing database to cut out malware and phishing sites.

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