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    January 26, 2010


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    Michael Whitaker

    Thanks for doing the groundwork June so I don't have to! Nevertheless I still don't get the need for any of these analytics mobile apps and I doubt someone *really* sat down to think about how to use web analytics reporting on a mobile device. To me there is no point to basically display the same data you can get directly in GA. The same goes for some of the flashy (sorry, couldn't resist) AIR apps - why would I want to learn another UI?

    To me one reason for a mobile web analytics app might be to get an alert if something unusual happens on my site. If my site goes down I need to know right away - is there an equivalent web analytics metric that I need to know in realtime? One that cannot wait until I get back to my computer and which requires immediate action?

    I also think that if the data doesn't change much most people will start getting bored. Not only does the data itself not change in real-time, many of the underlying metrics will essentially stay the same over time (eg % new visitors).


    Excellent round up. Dug the read. I have to publish a post on Webtrends Mobile Tracking in the near future now!

    Derek Smith

    Timely post as I just got my new HTC Hero last week. I also attended your excellent Web Analytics presentation for the EUCI on Monday.

    I'm also hoping to see some similar tools for Webtrends since that's who we're currently using. Although I agree with Michael in that it might not be practical to use a mobile app for anything more than a general health monitor (at least for larger websites).

    June Dershewitz

    Thanks for your comments, guys! Michael, you've brought up a valid point: is there any web activity metric so so so critical that I need to see it in realtime on my phone? It only matters if I will take action in realtime, and this is very rarely the case. And yet, we - as data consumers - expect that we should be able to access our data through mobile apps. Analytics vendors will have to publish Android apps just to stay competitive - do you hear that, Omniture and Webtrends? ;)


    Hi June,
    thanks for mentioning the application. I developed Analytics Widget because I was missing this feature and I didnt want to start one of those more complex analytics apps all the time. To answer the question if it is really necessary to see your daily visits: I say yes, because everyone running a website gets a feeling of his/her average visitor count and when i realise that today there are quite a lot of visitors i go and check the website to investigate on the reasons.

    In respect of the features i see the following as important (not ordered): adjusting refreshtime, extending metrics, past performance (i remember i had just the same i-miss-something-feeling in my head for a second some day ago but never thought about it ever since)

    Bugs: Unfortunately i can only call a G1 1.6 my own where the app runs without bugs. Dealing with bugs on phones i dont have is quite difficiult because the emulator is good but still an emulator. Feedback on bugs is therefore important which brings me to the next point:

    I created a Facebook page recently and would like you to join it: The aim is to have a better source of feedback and ideas to include in further development.

    Okay, that became quite a long comment. Thank you for your review and the useful feedback on bugs and features and i am looking forward to welcome you on the facebook page!


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