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    September 10, 2008


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    Greg Harris


    I could not agree more. Mobilytics is mobile specific analytics that tracks everything from campaign to conversion. While there is still not a lot of "commerce" being done on mobile, there is still very much a need to track goal conversions and to evaluate your ad spending.

    And by the way, we do track campaign click-throughs using URL codes. We do not require unique landing pages or campaigns to be setup beforehand.

    Thanks for bringing the mobile analytics message out to the people...

    Greg Harris

    Andy Bovingdon

    Hi June, ZipCar is such a cool idea for city living and it looks like their mobile site is up there with NextBus ( as a killer mobile app in San Francisco.

    It is good to see ZipCar doing the right things by linking their customers phone to their account. This is one common mistake Bango often sees on mobile - many sites ask people to register or login to get access to a personalized services. This step is a blocker to most visitors and a totally unnecessary.

    Bango Analytics ( and Bango Payment ( both offer an automatic user identification service (the Bango Identifier) which provides a live unique ID that is easily associated with account information and other local data - after all, as you mention, with over half the worlds population with mobile phones - this is about people and delivering a personal experience.

    By the way, as one of the leaders in mobile web payment, I'm not sure I agree there is not a lot of "commerce" being done on mobile, we see lots of people paying for stuff all over the world via operator billing, PSMS, Credit Cards or PayPal. It's a very vibrant and fast growing space.

    Andy Bovingdon.

    June Dershewitz

    Greg and Andy, thanks for your feedback. I see that you've got a healthy debate going about the state of mobile commerce.

    In my experience - as in my example - mobile commerce tends to be most natural when the mobile site is tied to an existing customer profile where billing has already been set up. In other words, first I must visit a traditional web site, create an account, and enter my credit card info. Then I go to the mobile web site and log into my existing account. The commands I issue from the mobile web site can now be billed against my account. In the future I believe that mobile commerce will cease to be so complex, but it works today as described above.

    As a point of clarification, Zipcar does not tie mobile site login to phone number (but that's a good idea). Rather, they tie call center to phone number.

    Oh, and I love the NextBus mobile site - I use it nearly every day.

    Jacques Warren

    I've had an iPhone for almost two months now. With all it does, I truly believe that using a computer to access the Net will be somehow seen as passé soon... At least, the computer won't be the device of choice to do what we need to do on the Internet.

    Greg Harris


    Sorry for late reply. Been busy staying ahead of Bango as the most accurate analytics product for mobile :).

    Actually I was referring to buying physical products that get shipped. Of course there is mobile commerce being done.

    Not many people are buying computers or office supplies from their mobile phone.


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