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    February 12, 2008


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    Jeff Chasin

    Great article June - it should be required reading for anyone getting started in web analytics. Learning like this from your hard-earned experience is priceless!


    That is a great list, June. I printed it out and posted it on my board. #10 is so true, as it is my daily swim through the data on everything we do in e-commerce that has leveraged me for a couple of promotions. #4 also rings true as I spent a (way too) healthy amount of time trying to make multiple systems line up as others (read marketing...) led me to believe I could. If only i had that list then...

    Thanks for sharing!


    Thanks for your feedback, Jeff and Patrick! I'm just doing my part to make sure new web analysts are prepared for the annoyances, mysteries and challenges that so many of us have already faced.

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