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    October 12, 2007


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    Eric T. Peterson

    Penthouse suite?! Now we can all see how you roll, June. You're the next "Jason and Shane" late-night party train, coming to town ... ;-)


    tracy r

    Um, June, I think something is missing from this post. ;)


    Tracy, I'll neither confirm nor deny the existence of disco dancefloor video footage. :)


    Wow. Sounds like a pretty interesting event and some exciting changes at WebTrends. Have they talked at all about their "Move to ML2” program that they started which offers up to a 100% license credit to switch from HBX Analytics to the newly announced WebTrends Marketing Lab 2?


    Hi Benry. The "Move to ML2" program was not mentioned in the sessions I attended. On the subject of platform-switching, though, it should be noted that WebTrends Visitor Intelligence and Score both require the use of WebTrends SDC (ie javascript tagging). That means if you're using the logfile version of WebTrends you'll have to switch to tags before you can use the new add-on products.

    Mark Saxby

    Hi June,

    How are things?

    Glad you enjoyed Vegas - How do you rate WebTrends' latest products overall - VI and Score look pretty good now the market's caught up with what we were doing all those years ago! :)


    June Dershewitz

    Mark, long time no see! I was hoping I'd run into you at the WebTrends conference. Your comment reminds me that I ought to compose a serious blog post about Visitor Intelligence. :)

    An OLAP interface to web activity data? Imagine. [sarcasm] After years of being frustrated by the fact that I can't just drop a new dimension into any old report, literally *years* of griping about not being able to create a drill-down or filter or custom measure worth beans, I'm happy to see products like Visitor Intelligence and Score enter the market. I'd like to think that we're finally ready to move beyond summary and start benefiting from visitor-level detail.

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