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    June 30, 2010


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    Thanks for this informative article June. I'll be sure to try things out when I get a chance.


    this type issue arises all the time, and Excel is particularly ill-suited to solve it. I normally do it by using vlookup(textToFindFromListA, ListB,column) which would return the identical string sought, if found, otherwise return an error.

    I think PowerPivot and DAX might be the best way to do it going forward, in the absence of a custom VBA function.

    June Dershewitz

    Thanks for the feedback, Peter! Ive used vlookup in the past, as well. The thing I like about my solution is that its bi-directional - youd have to do two vlookups to see the outliers in each group.

    I haven't used PowerPivot and DAX but they sound like promising tools as ongoing (or high-volume) solutions. Ive just spent a few minutes of amusement watching the overview videos on their site. Cheers, June.

    Joko Susilo

    I've downloaded it. Thanks

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